Our Firm

We are a boutique Law Firm based in Nairobi, capital city of Kenya. Our location gives us a unique access to one of the fastest growing business hubs within sub Saharan Africa and emerging markets within east and central Africa.

Our specialty covers Group Action Litigations (Class actions), Personal injury, Industrial Disease and Commercial Law, amongst others.

We pride ourselves in our vast understanding and in-depth knowledge of the local landscape combined with valuable international expertise.

Our team reflects this strength and expertise. We are committed to providing practical and clear services in everything that we do. We have worked collaboratively with like-minded affiliate law firms in the UK.

We have previously been involved in one of the largest Group Action Litigation (Class Action) ever to come out of Africa, Kenyan Emergency Action Litigation issued at the High Court in London.

We are also currently positioned to broker investment arbitration claims for damages against the host state for breaches of bilateral investment treaties affecting foreign investment contracts. This is especially where foreign investors suffer losses arising as a consequence of changes in regulatory and legislative framework after they had invested. Investors rights in such breaches are enforceable legitimate expectations protected under the terms of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT).