Work Permits.


Work/Residence Permits are issued to any Non-Kenyan wishing to engage in employment in Kenya whether in gainful employment or voluntary service. The Work/Residence Permits issued by the Department are classified from A to M inclusive. They are issued under Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011 of Laws of Kenya.

This class is for persons intending to engage in prospecting for minerals or mining in Kenya whether alone or in partnership.

Class A Requirement.

  • One should obtain or is assured to obtain the necessary licenses and registrations.
  • For renewals current license held for prospecting minerals and copy of PIN is required. One has sufficient capital or resources for investment [Minimum USD 100,000]

Work permit issued to persons wishing to invest in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Class B Requirements

  •  Proof of land ownership or leasehold interest in land for the purpose.
  •  Proof of capital available for the purpose.
  •  Clearance/Licence from relevant bodies.
  • This is a class for persons of a prescribed profession who intends to practice that profession whether alone or in partnership in Kenya

Class C Requirements:

  •  Proof of membership of membership of a prescribed profession
  •  Copies of certified academic & profession qualification
  • This issued to a person who is offered specific employment by a specific employer who is qualified to undertake that employment.

Class D Requirements

  •  Copies of academic/professional certificates along with the CV
  •  Name of the Kenyan Understudy
  •  Certified copies of understudy contact, address email and cell phone number
  • This class of permit is for applicants or their partners who intend to to engage in specific manufacture in Kenya

Class F Requirements:

  •  1. Copy of License held
  •  Proof of funds for investments available [ minimum USD 100,000]
  •  Registration certificate of the company
  • This class is for persons who intend to engage in whether alone or in partnership in a specific business, consultancy or profession (other than a prescribed profession) in Kenya.

Class G: Requirements.

  • Documentary proof of capital to be invested/already invested minimum of 100,000 US dollars or equivalent in any other currency.
  •  Registration certificate of the company OR certificate of incorporation.
  • Work/Residence permit issued to a member of missionary society approved by the Government of Kenya and whose presence is beneficial to the country.

Class I Requirements

  •  A copy of registration certificate of the organization
  •  Academic and professional certificates of the applicant

Residence permit issued to persons who have an assured income derived from sources outside and undertakes not to accept paid employment of any kind.

Class K Requirements

  • Documentary proof of assured income is required of at least USD 24,000 per annum
  •  Is not less than 35 years of age
  •  Must not undertake employments in Kenya

Work permit issued to Conventional Refugees to persons who have been granted refugee status in Kenya in accordance with the refugee law of Kenya and any spouse of such refugee who intends to take up employment or engage in any specific trade occupation, business or profession.

Class M Requirements

  •  Recognition letters from UNHCR and Department of Refugee Affairs.
  •  Processing and permits fees are Gratis.