Milmet (Solai) Dam Tragedy – Victims Enquiry Form

McKevRon’s research team are investigating bringing complaints and compensation claims on behalf of the victims of the Milmet (Solai) Dam tragedy of 9th May 2018. Official statistics from the Kenya Human Rights Commission confirmed that with regards to the recent floods, over 150 people were killed and unprecedented 300,000 people displaced. Property and livelihood worth millions were suffered.

If you are a victim, an Internally Displaced Person as a result of the disaster (Solai Dam IDP), a spouse or a dependant of any victim who was injured or suffered, lost their life or property, you may be able to seek compensation.

The general form of complaints may be as follows;

  • Deaths and loss of loved ones by family members/ spouses or dependants
  • Injuries suffered be they physical, emotional or mental
  • Tenants who lived in the area and had their shelter curtailed or disrupted thus ending up in camping sites or at Solai High School
  • Landlords whose either rented or occupied their houses which were partially or completely destroyed
  • Businesses owners whether tenants or landlords who lost their investments
  • Land owners particularly from Nyakinyua farm who lost their produce
  • Disabled persons affected such as women, children, or those living with HIV/AIDS
  • Loss of personal belongings such as valuables, certificates, official documents etc.

If you were affected and want to register an interest to join the action or case, please complete the Enquiry Form below where our specialist legal team will immediately contact you.

If you have any problems with completing the Enquiry Form, please contact us at the office on 0701248134 or 0752804812;