International Services


We are a local law firm with enviable global expertise. We build long term genuine  relationships and acquire a deep understanding of you and your business requirements. We provide innovative and dynamic solutions in a simple plain and cost effective manner which   helps mitigate against risk. Our experience and expertise to guide you to new opportunities in Kenya and in the African Region helping you every step of the way.

We can advise on laws, company set up or market intelligence. We can offer introductions to appropriate contacts in local banks, accountants, corporate financiers, immigration advisers and tax advisors.

We help you navigate the complex areas of international law ensuring that language barriers do not expose you to future legal risks.

When might you need help with international issues?

There are many reasons why people come to us for help with international issues. If you:

  •  Are involved in a dispute over assets held in another country
  • Have been injured when on holiday and are unsure of whether you can claim compensation
  • Are getting divorced or separating and there is an international element to your relationship if you live abroad or own a home abroad for example.
  • Are you migrating to another country or looking for immigration services?



Immigration Services.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help. Call us today.