Mckevron a Kenyan based Law firm has partnered with both UK and US Law firms to represent victims of the Ethiopian air crash to seek compensation from the incident on 10th March 2019.

The immediate steps which have been installed by Boeing and the FAA to enhance safety on Board Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft are welcome. However, families of the 346 passengers and crew who died on board the Ethiopian Airways and Lion Air aircraft are entitled to seek answers on why preventatives steps were not taken before those disasters occurred.

A total of 157 crew and passengers died on 10th March 2019 when the aircraft Boeing 737 Max 8 travelling to Nairobi crashed into the ground only a few minutes after take off.  It was noted that the same model of Boeing aircraft (737 Max 8 ) is similar to the one which crashed in Indonesia (Air Flight 610) on 29th October 2018 and killed all 189 passengers and crew on board.

On 5th April, BBC news confirmed: “ …Boeing is temporarily cutting production of its best-selling 737 airliner in the continuing fall-out from crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Production will drop from 52 planes a month to 42 from mid-April, Boeing has said in a statement. The decision is a response to a halt in deliveries of the 737 Max – the model involved in the two accidents. The plane is currently grounded as preliminary findings suggest its anti-stall system was at fault.

An Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max crashed only minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa in March, killing all 157 people on board. The same type flown by the Indonesian airline Lion Air crashed into the sea only five months earlier, shortly after taking off from Jakarta. That accident claimed the lives of 189 people… “

Suits in the US

It is projected that Boeing is headquartered in Chicago, to face lawsuits in the United States, where legal compensation payments for the victims could be estimated to $2 – $3million per person, depending on the law applied.

Indonesia, Singapore to join investigations
The head of the country’s air safety agency confirmed last Friday 5th April 2019 that Indonesia will send two investigators to Ethiopia to help with the probe and exchange of data  on the two related fat crashes of Boeing 737 Max jet since October.

Boeing boss’s admission on accident.

Following the release of a preliminary report on ET302 crash, Boeing issued a response on Thursday 4th April 2019 a statement which admitted technical errors. The statement posted on its website was signed by its Chairman, President and CEO, Dennis Muilenburg;